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lng hot water boiler

lng hot water boiler design  structure:

1.Designed with three passes, all-wet back structure.
2.Fire tubes are surrounded by water, and these design making efficience up to 90%.
3.Threaded tube: Strengthen the heat transfer, increase the gas hot water boiler heat efficiency
4.Big combustion room design: increase furnace heating area, decrease gas boiler size, and reduce the emission of the Nox Corrugated hearth make the boiler safer.

5.Equipped with computer manpower controller, operating easily, easy management, reliable operation, completed security protection function; With the function of protection of water shortage, heat preservation, overpressure, selfchecking of  breakdown, burner fault flameout, alarmming etc. chain safeguard function; Having  the function of selfcontrolling between strong and weak fire. And also the function of recording on burning work time. setting freely of the temperature control.

6.Selecting the world famous brand burner, excellent quality, advanced technology, sufficient burning, reliable operation; Having the function of furnace cleaning, automatic ignition, ignition detection, high voltage protection of gas firing, low voltage protection of gas firing, leak detection, etc. to ensure the safe operation.

 7.The cylindrical appearance, small area occupied; Adopting color plate for the outer packing, elegant appearance of the externality; adopting high thermal resistance material for the thermal insulation layer. heat preservation effect is good.

8. Adoption of high-effective hat exchange tubes, together with reasonable flow velocity of smoke and gas, makes thermal efficiency of boilers 6%-8% higher than national standards

9. With the help of inertia separation of smoke and dust in boilers, together with complementary high-effective multi tube dust cleaners, the concentration of dust discharge from boilers is within the requirements on class I of environmental protection.

lng hot water boiler

lng hot water boiler

lng hot water boiler advantages

1. The boiler has compact and reasonable structure with three partsbody, chimney and piping systems. Body and

chimney have manufactured in the factory. Piping systems will be installed in the working site

2. The boiler’s design is advanced. The boiler is the overall structure. The burner is assembled in the first smoke


3. The water cycle is simple and the water quality can be guaranteed.

lng Hot water  boiler systems and components                            

1.  Economizer / air previous heater.
2.  Water treatment.
3.  Coal feeding system.
4.  Force draft fan / induce fan / air system.
5.  Dust remover.
6.  Electric controller.

lng hot water boiler  is widely used for supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, residential, bath centers etc., automatically providing heating bathing hot water or domestic hot water for the users. I f you have any enquires about our products , please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to satisfy you, thank you for supporting, please contact us!