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Lng Fired Hot Water Boiler

What is LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas?

LNG – liquefied natural gas – is methane (CH4) that is liquefied by chilling below -161°C. This the same natural gas that is piped to homes and businesses. As liquid, the volume of LNG reduce to 1/600 its gaseous state. This makes LNG transportable in cryogenic ships or trucks. After regasification, it reverts to and is used as natural gas.

lng fired hot water boiler

lng fired hot water boiler

LNG Fired Hot Water Boilers

Industrial and commercial boilers are one of the most common uses for LNG. LNG as an alternative fuel to diesel .The industries include dairy products, manaufacturing, food processing and construction products.
LPG can be in liquid form at a relatively low pressure of 2 to 5 bar at atmospheric temperature. This makes it convenient to handle in small cylinders. This coupled with the high heating value has made it the most popular household cooking gas in most of the third world countries. Governments subsidize LPG for domestic use, which makes it costly for other uses.
In the global boiler market, lng fired boiler is always taking the leading role. Clean combustion, high efficiency and energy saving are the main features, besides, there are some specific advantages that people choose lng fuel boilers.

Lng fired hot water boiler advantages:
1. lng boilers do not need fuel storage equipment: lng fired boiler for sale in the industrial market using pipeline transporting gas as fuel, don’t need fuel storage devices.Before supply incineration is also does not need fuel preparation equipment, processing, thus greatly simplify the system saves fuel storage fee.
2. Because the lng fired boiler heating surface does not exist problems such as pollution, slagging, wear, so people can choose high smoke speed, reduce the scale of the convection heating surface. Placed properly convection control, so that the lng boiler with a capacity of coal-fired boiler layout is compact, light weight, small scale, equipment investment significantly reduced.
3. Low cost of auxiliary equipment. lng fired boilers do not need auxiliary equipment, such as dust collector, slag equipment and fuel belongs to equipment such as drying apparatus, thus greatly save the auxiliary investment costs, it is also a big show of saving energy.