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How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in lngBoiler

Sitong oil gas fired boiler is high efficiency (as high as 98%), energy saving and environmental protection. The fuel could be heavy oil, diesel, city gas, natural gas, LPG, etc. The main types includes WNS series oil gas fire tube boiler, SZS series oil gas water tube boiler, and vertical type once through structure oil gas fired boiler.

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in lngBoiler

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in lngBoiler

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in lng Boiler

The clean-burning fuel natural gas can be used in industrial boilers, and the lng boiler for its clean and high efficiency is widely used as heating equipment, steam supply and electricity generation machine. Even though lng boiler is an energy saving boiler, how to reduce lng fuel consumption is still a big problem.

First, to reduce heat losses.

Only in the heat loss due to exhaust gas, the heat loss that water vapor carried  accounts for 55% to 75%, if the exhaust gas temperature drops below the temperature of flue gas condensation, by recycling steam latent heat, it can be very effective in reducing heat losses and improve boiler thermal efficiency. For this purpose, we need to equip low-temperature heat absorption device to reach condensing effect for heat recovery.

Second, rational use of the system flow.

During the operating, we can control the flow by adjusting the circulation pump outlet valve opening to ensure that the boiler fuel flow within the rated range. So we can turn off the inlet and outlet valves which are previously used to sharing the traffic in order to achieve the effect of saving gas.

Third, replace the damaged oxygen cabinet probe.

For regulation of the amount of oxygen in the cabinet, oxygen content measured by cabinet probe plays the most important role, the role of the oxygen cabinet probe is to measure the amount of oxygen in the flue gas. If the oxygen content is high, combustion control system will automatically increase air volume or decrease the air flow; if the oxygen content is low, combustion control system will automatically reduce the volume or increase the amount of wind.

Fourth, reduce lng leakage.

The possible natural gas leakage might be illegal operations staff; indoor gas line pipe corrosion and leakage; burner fuel ratio imbalance; insulation of boiler wall cracking; control, regulation, measuring and other parts of aging, loose joints and so on.

To reduce the gas consumption can effectively reduce enterprise operation cost, we develop WNS fire tube gas fired boiler, SZS D type water tube gas fired boiler, three-pass and wet-back structure, high thermal efficiency, reliable and safe. please contact us!