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Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Manufacturer

Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Introduction
Sitong Boiler as 40 years smoke tube boiler manufacturer in China, provide different capacity of smoke tube boiler for sale, Smoke tube boiler has another name called fire tube boiler.The boiler is of horizontal design with smoke tubes through the boiler and steam evaporation at the upper section. The boiler is constructed from drawings approved by all classification societies and delivered with equipment in accordance with class requirements.The burner is easily accessible for inspection and maintenance. The boiler is delivered as a complete unit, insulated and preassembled with all valves and instruments, burner and control panel. The control system is designed to enable an unmanned engine room. The system is fully automatic and operates with electronic controllers and electric/pneumatic actuators. The panel is mounted on the side of the boiler, and all operation of the boiler control panel is done from the local touch screen. Boiler PLC can be connected to the main control system by standard ethernet/profibus/modbus communication.

Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Mnufacturer

Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Mnufacturer

Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Advantages

Smoke tube type 3 – PASS combustion structure that win a realization 01 high thermal efficiency.
Advancement in quality and productivity by the large amount stock of steam and wide heat transmission space.
It is horizontal type combustion structure with long-range ot life-time durability.
Large combustion room and various kind of fuel combustion and secure the free burner selection.

Automatic controlling system that all functions are achieved perfectly by single-touch.
Easy to manage and repair by the manual control system.
High safety by the double or triple safety control system.
Simple structure for cleaning and routine check through the front and rear fan box.

Horizontal Smoke Tube Boiler Features

This style of smoke tube boiler still see active service were low quantities of low quality steam are required, such as for fuel tank heating when in port. 1.Uneconomical for evaporative capacity of less than 10 TPH & at lower operating pressures 2.Automatic choice for large boilers, i.e power boilers 3.Volumetric heat release rate about 280 kw/m3. Therefore larger furnace volume requiring more space 4.Demand high quality of feed water. De-scaling of tubes is expensive and on recurring basis. 5.Generally built at site, require longer installation and commissioning period. 6.Lesser water holding capacity for the same size

Horiaontal Smoke Tube Boiler Working Principle

To aid circulation the tubes are arranged in vertical rows to offer minimum resistance. Fuel is combusted in the corrugated water cooled furnace. The corrugations increase the surface area and allow a degree of flexibility to allow for expansion and contraction. The hot gas passes to the water cooled combustion space though to the smoke tubes. The upper portion of the combustion chamber lies close to the water level and is therefore liable to distortion due to in correct water level maintenance. Access to the smoke tube boiler is via a manhole door on the upper shell plate. In addition a smaller door may be fitted below the furnace to allow inspection and scale/sludge removal.