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CLHS Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler

CLHS oil and gas fired hot water boiler is vertical type fire tube boiler with chamber consumption structure. The boiler is consisted of drum, furnace, upper and lower tube plate, and spirally corrugated tube.It adopts side spray combustion mode.Compare with the combustion mode that flame sprayed directly into the furnace wall, the length of flame is not shorter because of the large large diameter furnace, moreover, the boiler has a long working life.

  • CLHS Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler

    CLHS Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler

  • Capacity :0.06MW~0.7MW
  • Pressure :Atmospheric pressure
  • Fuel :Natural gas, lpg, diesel, light oil, waste oil, heavy oil, etc.
  • Application : Kitchen, laundry, hotel, school,industries, etc.
  • Brief Intro :CLHS oil and gas fired hot water boiler is vertical type fire tube boiler with chamber consumption structure. As the boiler is working under the normal pressure, it is very safe. It has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, sufficient combustion, safe and reliable.
  • CLHS Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler ApplicationGenerally, this series hot water boiler is used for offering hot water in hotel, bathhouse, school, laundry, farm, hospital, etc. Sometimes, it could also be used for industries.
  • CLHS Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler Technical Advantages

    1. High Efficiency 

    1) Adopts large size furnace, large combustion area, high combustion efficiency.

    2) Use spirally corrugated tube in furnace, strengthen the disturbance of flue gas, temperature rise up quickly, high heat transfer efficiency.

    3) The boiler shell use aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, low heat loss.

    2. Automatic Control and Safe Operation

    1) Equipped PLC full automatic intelligent control cabinet, convenient for control, stable operation.

    2) Adopts interlock protection program, has the protection function of water shortage, over pressure, over temperature, gas leakage, flame out, electric leakage, and phrase-lacking or overloading of motor, etc.

    3) As the boiler is working under the normal pressure, there is no any possibility of explosion.

    3. Excellent Burner

    1) Equipped with international automatic burner, sufficient combustion, low NOx emission, meet the requirement of environmental protection, it operates quiet and stable.

    2) The burner has the function of furnace purging, automatic igniting, diagnosing, gas high pressure protecting, and low pressure protecting, to ensure the safe operation.

    3) The burner has two fire stages, it could change automatically, convenient for operation.

    4. Compact Structure and Save Space

    The boiler is vertical type, compact structure, small occupation, easy for installation and move.

  • Hot water boiler Parameter
    Model Rated power
    Supply water Temperature


    Return water Temperature


    Fuel Consumption


    Overall Dimension

    Length×Width×Height (mm)



    CLHS0.06-85/65-Y(Q) 0.06 85 65 89 / 630×630×1150 200
    CLHS0.12-85/65-Y(Q) 0.12 85 65 89 19.3Nm3/h 750×750×1380 380
    CLHS0.35-85/65-Y(Q) 0.35 85 65 89 37.7Nm3/h 1110×1040×1850 720
    CLHS0.5- 85/65-Y(Q) 0.5 85 65 89 51.4Nm3/h 1310×1140×1960 775.1
    CLHS0.6- 85/65-Y(Q) 0.6 85 65 89 64.3Nm3/h 1310×1240×2100 1200
    CLHS0.7- 85/65-Y(Q) 0.7 85 65 89 75.5Nm3/h 1450×1380×2250 1900
    Note: Parameter is for reference only, we can design the boilers based on customers’ needs.

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