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5ton steam boiler for hotel

5ton steam boiler for hotel

5ton steam boiler for hotel

5ton steam boiler for hotel Reason
Our company manufactures, supplies and trades 5ton Steam Boiler for Hotels. Massively used for producing steam by applying heat energy to water, the offered compilation is vastly demanded in hotels. In steam boilers, hot gases are produced, which are exposed to water vessel, where the heat of hot gases is transferred to water, thereby producing steam. Steam boilers are easy to install and require less power to operate.

5ton steam boiler types for hotel
there many types of steam boiler in hotel. such as coal/biomass fired steam boiler, oil/gas steam boiler, etc.
wns oil gas fired 5ton steam boiler for hotel
WNS series gas/oil fired boiler is shell type smoke and fire tube room boiler. This series of boiler has the advantages like compact structure, stable and reliable in work, high thermal efficiency, automatic running and is easy for operation, maintenance and repair.

1.Large diameter ripple furnace,effectively absorb the thermal expansion, and the radiation heating surface is big;
2. Strong heat load regulation ability;
3. There has a manhole at the top of the boiler,it’s convenient for the inspection and cleaning of the boiler device and the bottom of the boiler;
4. Special designs to protect the pressure and temperature;
5. Multi-function safety explosion-proof device.gas oil boiler

Coal/Wood Fired 5 ton Steam Boiler for Hotel

Brief introduction
1. Adopting automatic screw feeding, with reasonable second air technology and half gasification structure helping fuel combusting completely, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%. Stable flame, producing steam cautiously.
2.Environmental biomass fuels are widely promoted by the state because it’s cheaper price and wide sources. Operating cost is One-sixth of electric boiler, one-third of oil boiler.
3.Control system: Installing microcomputer to operate with one-button, people just set the process, and it can work automatically during the operating time. Once any abnormal situation to happen, stopping automatically with sound-light alarm, and pointing to the failure code, so it saves time to maintain.
4.Our protected device is safe and reliable. Selecting superior pressure controller, safety valve, low water alarm, overpressure alarm, over-temperature alarm, in order to make boilers operate safely.
5.Reasonable over-all structure to cover little space, hearing no sound. It is easy to install, because there is no need to set up tall chimney, with a very low failure rate.
6.It is simple to clean slag only after burning completing.
5ton steam boiler for hotel manufacturer
Henan Sitong Boiler is a national approved and designated enterprise, owns the international certificates of ISO 9001, BV, CE and SGS. The company has about 40 years experience on 5ton steam boiler. The main products includes steam boiler, hot water boiler, and power station boilers with various capacities. The industrial boilers have been exported to more than 60 countries. Please inquire for the specific boiler information.