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4mw gas fired steam boiler

4mw  Gas Fired Steam Boiler,the offered steam boiler has the smoke tube type, three pass designs making them efficient and free from any hazard. Our provided boiler is incorporating unique revolutionary principle of combustion known as REVERSE FLAME, which increases combustion efficiency and allows a high rate of heat flux with larger heating surface area. Excellent for use in power plants owing to easy operationality and easy modulation of pressure and temperature controls.

4mw  Gas Fired Steam Boiler is well designed to quickly generate clean and dry steam. It is widely used in different industries such as chemical plant, energy field, food factory, hospital, hotel, laundry, package plant, paper-making mill, pharmaceutical factory, slaughter house, tobacco factory, textiles plant, etc.

4mw gas fired steam boilers

4mw gas fired steam boiler

wns series 4mw gas fired steam boiler advantages

High Efficiency Design

– Real 3 psss full wet back structure.

– Corrugated furnace and big combustion room to increase    radiant heating area.

Intelligent Controlling System

– Fully automatic control

– Siemens PLC and touch screen.

– Visible operation status

High Quality Boiler Shell
Polished and sand blasted, no rust left, rolled by advanced N.C rolling machine, higher anti-corrosive quality and intensity, longer working life.

High Precision Boiler Head
Drilled by high precision drilling machine, sand blasted, no rust left, higher anti-corrosive quality and intensity, longer working life with higher safety.

 High Quality Welding

smooth surface, no weld crack, no lack of penetration, no pores in welds, no leakage.

How to calculate 4 mw gas fired steam boiler efficiency?

calculate 4 mw gas fired steam boiler efficiency, You need to know the boiler feed rate in kg per hour & what the temperature of the incoming water is. You will also be able to find the energy content of the water from the enthalpy tables. Since the boiler feed system has to keep up with the rate the boiler is making steam it is as near as damn it equal. The energy transferred to the steam will be the difference between the energy per kg of the water coming in & the steam going out.

Now you can calculate the energy transferred to the steam per kg & how many kg it makes per hour & that will give you the energy output.he only way out is to do a performance test of boiler is per PTC 4. The performance testing code has got the data for measurement points and formula for indirect calculations of losses like loss through moisture, radiation and convection losses in casing, flue gas heat loss through chimney and losses through leakages. the testing is done with all the drains and vents closed and blow down closed. The procedure is same is calculating efficiency of coal fired , only you have to change the data for gas and include the additional losses due to CO2, N2 present in the gas. you have to run the combustion equations to check the equations.

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