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lng boiler used for textile industry

lng boiler widely using in textiel industry with different boiler type.In textile industry, lng  boileris generally used for different production processes, such as dyeing, drying, heating, etc.

lng boiler used for textile industry  manufacturer

lng boiler used for textile industry 

The utilities that provide services to textile industry processes includes electricity, steam, water, and compressed air. Steam plays an significant role in textile industry, it is the vaporized state of water that contains heat energy and transfer the energy into a variety of processes. Boilers are the common equipment to produce steam, which are also called steam generator.

Once Through Steam Boiler

  • Capacity :0.1-2t/h
  • Pressure :Atmospheric pressure
  • Fuel :Heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, LPG, etc.
  • Application : Heating, molding, drying, hotel, swimming pool, etc.
  • Brief Intro :Once through steam boiler is vertical type boiler with small steam capacity, the efficiency is about 96%, it could generate steam within 3~5 minutes.
  • Sitong once through steam boiler is vertical type with high thermal efficiency (96%) and quick steam generation (3~5 minutes). This series boiler is constructed with vertical water tubes, small steam capacity (0.1-2tph), low infrastructure investment and running quiet. The once through boiler is equipped with full automatic control on temperature, pressure, and water level, etc, to ensure highest safety and reliability.

    This boiler is designed by Taiwan Zuhow Company, and produced jointly with Sitong Boiler, the manufacturing technique has reached the world advanced level. This type boiler is about 20% energy saving than the ordinary boiler. The once through boiler is delivered as a whole when leaving factory, it could operate just need to plug into electric power, there is no need any installation, save installation cost.

  • Performance Advantages

    Equipped with advanced once-through structure, and the small water capacity achieves fast heat absorption, high thermal efficiency and the steam could be generated within 3~5 minutes.

    1. Quick Steam Generation

    Equipped with advanced once-through structure, and the small water capacity achieves fast heat absorption, high thermal efficiency and the steam could be generated within 3~5 minute

  • 2. High Efficiency

    1) Equipped with specific burner, high automation and combustion efficiency, low NOx emission.

    2) Increases the layout of horizontal fins and vertical fins based on the boiler capacity, combustion gas flows among the water tube bundle at a high speed, excellent heat convection and fast heat transfer efficiency.

    3) By equipping with economizer, make full use of the heat of flue gas, decrease the exhaust smoke temperature, the thermal efficiency increase to as high as 96%.

  • 3. Full Automatic Control

    1) The burner is full automatic, stable operation.

    2) Full automatic interlock protection program, has the protection function of water shortage, over pressure, over temperature, gas leakage, flame out, electric leakage, and phrase-lacking or overloading of motor, etc.

  • 4. High Safety Performance

    1) Complete gas manifolds and protection system, including filter, pressure regulating valve, and solenoid valve, etc., to ensure the safety performance of fuel.

    2) Reliable boiler auxiliaries and multiple safety protection devices, such as pressure controller, pressure transmitter, water level alarm, safety valve, etc.

  • 5. High Quality 

    1)  All the materials has quality certificate, uses full automatic CO2 welding, NDT test and hydraulic pressure will be done for all boilers to ensure the quality.

    2) The preheater uses seamless steel pipes, which are treated by sand blasting and hot-dip galvanizing, lengthen the working life.

  • 6. Centralized Control

    Several boilers could be used in parallel, and controlled centrally. Moreover, the centralized controller could record the downtime, location, evaporation capacity, fuel consumption, water volume, steam pressure, water tube temperature, exhaust smoke temperature, etc.