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6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler

6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler Introduction

A modern steam boiler is not just a very large kettle with added controls, as many still seem to believe. The latest coil-type steam boilers are safer, smaller, faster and more precisely controllable than traditional drum or firetube boilers, and they are virtually maintenance free.
Combustion processes are today controlled by high-technology computer-based systems, often using data supplied by extremely precise gas analysers to minimise both fuel consumption and emissions. Feed water quality to steam boilers or steam generators is monitored, as are the temperatures of feed water, air and fuel. Steam quality is closely watched and controlled to eliminate problems such as water carryover into the steam supply. The steam pressure must be constant and the response to changes in demand must be fast and precise.

6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler Advantages

1.Our industrial steam boiler range has options for vertical steam boilers and horizontal steam boilers for sale ranging in output from 100 kg/h to 50,000 kg/h. We offer customers suitable solutions either from our own steam boiler range or from that of our associate suppliers along with all steam boiler accessories
2.We supply a large range of hot water boilers starting from 70 kW up to 6000 kW. including a full China package, site survey and specification service. This means that we can provide the most efficient and economic steam boiler solution for your requirements.
3.We specialise in gas boilers, oil boilers, biogas boilers, biomass boilers or dual fuel boilers and work closely with a number of burner companies to ensure the best option for your requirements. Our design, installation and maintenance packages are tailored to suit each individual requirement.

6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler Application

1.Due to combustion chamber applying whole membrane water cooling structure, and adopt micro-positive pressure combustion, there is no smoke leakage, and there is no pollution in operation environment
2.There are explosion door and flame sensor in the boiler arrangement and so operation is safe and reliable
3.The steam boiler water circulation adopts enforced circulation to secure each heat absorbing part can get efficient cooling and prevent vaporization
4.At boiler rear, it adopts the spiral finned tube type energy saver that reduces flue gas emission temperature and therefore raises thermal efficiency, the design efficiency is above 97%
5.The steam boiler is horizontal arrangement in compact structure with small floor space area
6.The manholes are arranged at the two ends of upper and lower drums, and check door is set a rear part of boiler, these openings make users easy for entering inside doing maintenance and cleaning work
7.The steam boiler is wholly assembled for delivery, easy for transportation and shortened for installation period
8.The steam boiler achieves fully automatic control, it has the functions of automatic running and protection with easy operation.

6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler Case

Dubai customer visited Sitong Boiler for a heavy oil fired steam boiler.

6T/H Good Quality Cheap Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler Service

Sitong boiler has set up sales and after-sale facilitating agency in domestic, around over 30 cities and regions, at the same time, prepare full time service staff and spare part, and 24hours service hotline.

boiler types hot water

boiler types hot water Introduction

Hot water boilers include electric water boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers, gas-fired hot water boilers, and coal-fired hot water boilers. Hot-water boilers are boilers that produce hot water and refer to the use of thermal energy or other heat energy (such as electrical energy) released by combustion of fuels. , solar energy, etc.) A thermal energy device that heats water to its rated temperature.

boiler types hot water Features

The water temperature in the hot water boiler is lower than the saturation temperature. Compared with the steam boiler, the temperature difference between the flue gas and the water of the hot water boiler is larger, the scale is less, the heat transfer condition is better, and the hot water heating system is more than the steam heating system. The heat loss is much smaller, so the hot water boiler has better energy-saving effect for heating. China will refer to high-temperature hot water boilers with a water temperature above 130°C and low-temperature hot water boilers below 130°C.

boiler types hot water Application

Due to the characteristics of compact structure, safe operation, convenient installation, low pollution and low noise, the hot water boiler is used by a horizontal type, which is widely used for enterprise, hotel, hospital, civil architecture, bath, bath house, etc.

boiler types hot water Case

15ton SZL Series Water Tube Hot Water Boiler For UK Hotel Project”Model: SZL15-1.25-AII
Rated Evaporation Capacity: 10.5MW
Working Pressure: 1.25 MPa (12.5bar, 12.5kg/m2, 145PSI)
Available Fuel: II class bituminous coal
Application: Hotel (central heating)
Sitong SZL series water tube hot water boiler is the horizontal type double drum chain grate water tube boiler. This series boiler adopts fast assembly or packaged assembly structure. SZL series packaged water tube boiler has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, short install period, low cost, and environmental protect. This series boiler is water tube structure, it has the characteristics of large output and pressure, good heat transfer property, high combustion efficiency, and higher water quality requirement.

boiler types hot water Service

We have professional engineers service team. According to the customers’ requirement and site specific condition, they can make the suitable and optimal solution about the after-sales service. Moreover, Sitong Boiler set up sales and after sale facilitating agencies around over 30 regions, to offer the high quality services.
1). 24hours service hotline.
2). 24 months warranty after delivery.
3). Spare parts are equipped during shipment.
4). Provide instllation, commissioning and maintance service anytime.

10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler

natural gas Steam boiler Introduction

Steam boiler, as an important power machinery equipment, which uses fuel combustion heat or other forms of energy, heating the water vapor to become a mechanical device. Steam boilers generally produce higher steam temperatures than hot water, and steam can reach higher temperatures after being pressurized. according to fuel types. Steam boilers include: gas-fired steam boilers, oill-fired steam boilers, coal-fired steam boilers, etc. In terms of structure, steam boilers can be divided into vertical steam boilers and horizontal steam boilers. The steam boiler’s combustion efficiency can reach 99.2%, and the desulfurization rate can reach as high as 90.1%. The boiler has a compact structure, a small footprint, and a safer operation.

natural gas Steam boiler Advantages

1.Compact structure, convenient installation and migration, small footprint, and infrastructure investment.
2.Flue gas flushes convection tube bundles by forced rotation, multi-return multi-cycle, full use of heating surface and residual heat, increase thermal efficiency
3.Unique combustion method, water seal type slag, can guarantee the gas seal, but also can effectively reduce the dust spread, make the boiler room clean.
4.The arched tube plate and the threaded tobacco pipe are used to form the drum. The heat transfer efficiency is high, the pressure rise is fast, the output is sufficient, the overload capacity is strong, and the dust accumulation in the smoke pipe is not easy to solve the problem of cracking in the tube plate.
5.It is stable in operation, easy to adjust, and unique in the design of anti-leakage air. It has a long sealing time.

natural gas Steam boiler Application

Owing to steam boiler has the characteristics of compact structure,convenient installation, safe operation, low pollution and low noise, it is widely used for industry production and processing, such as textile mill, medicine industry, food & beverage industry, chemical industry, garment industry, food processing industry, and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for central heating in enterprise, hotel, hospital, civil architecture, etc.

natural gas Steam boiler Case

In the first half of 2018, 8ton SZL series chain grate steam boiler for Sri Lanka gypsum boards factory, the boiler’s date as following:
?Rated Evaporation Capacity: 8ton (8t/h, 5.6MW, 4800000Kcal)
?Working Pressure: 1.0 MPa (10bar, 10kg/m2, 145PSI)
?Available Fuel: II class bituminous coal
For the customer’s request, maximum energy efficiency, excellent conservation of resources and outstanding availability. The intelligent control technology offered by Sitong ensures convenient, fully-automatic boiler operation.

natural gas Steam boiler Service

Two-year warranty and full-life service for all of our boilers
Boiler spare parts service:
A full range of original spare parts are available for all Yuanda boilers
Service before sale:
Provide relative technical data for customer choosing equipments,layout drawing,foundation,general grawing.
Service after sale:
Help customer for installation and traing.
Maintenance and repair for one year.